Dear Guests,

With the introduction of the various laws during the months of October and November, which led to the closure of all the restaurants in the city, we have organized a restaurant service that allows all of you the opportunity to have lunch and dinner at the hotel.

We contacted several of the best restaurants in the area and reached a agreement whereby, lunch and dinner would be delivered to the hotel.

You can consult the proposed menus upon your arrival and choose the one you prefer, or book a typical 3-course dinner online that will be delivered to you at the desired time, at a cost of € 30.00 per person (beverages are excluded). Our bar and wine cellar will be at your disposal. Dinner will be served in our Breakfast Room. Alternatively, you can use our cafeteria and room service.

We sincerely hope that our efforts can somehow alleviate the inconvenience which travelers undergo in this historical period.

Speriamo sinceramente di essere riusciti ad organizzare un ottimo servizio, che possa in qualche modo alleviare i disagi a cui ogni viaggiatore si deve sottoporre in questo periodo storico.

Thanks to everyone for your attention,

The Director


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