For this reason, we have taken all the anti Covid-19 measures required by government legislation.

Our Staff have been fully trained in all the necessary Health Safety (including food) procedures. All our suppliers and partners are also fully compliant with the anti Covid measures required.

Your linen is supplied by Assosistema Toscana one of the best industrial cleaners in Tuscany. The linen is cleaned in accordance with the protocol UNI EN 14065 ‘Textiles treated in laundrette – System for the control of biocontamination’.

Our staff will ensure that you linen and towels are changed daily.

Several times per day, the common areas of the hotel as well as the bedrooms are rigorously disinfected and cleaned with the best products as indicated by the National Health Service and government (i.e. ethyl alcohol with concentration above 70%, benzalkonium chloride etc).

We have also activated an important secondary sanitization process through the adoption of IGIEN FOG system. This is a mechanical device that sprays cold nitrogen peroxide steam, a disinfectant that boast the best ratio between its anti-viral property and low environmental impact. This system allows us to sanitize and disinfect every corner of our hotel, in the most complete and safe way, and without the side effects by many other sanitization systems that use other active ingredients, which can be harmful to our health.

To further lower the risk of contact contamination, we have removed reading material (newspapers, magazines etc) from the rooms and common areas. However, all this material, as well as the best Italian and international newspapers and magazines, have been digitized and made available when accessing our wifi network on the MEDIAPAD platform at the address. With a simple click, you will also have at your disposal, our Hotel Directory complete with all the services offered and the related costs, the satellite channels available in the Hotel and all Italian and world-wide information.

At all times our staff will respect the requirements for individual protection by wearing facemask and using gloves.

In all areas of the hotel, including the rooms, guests will find hand gel dispensers that will help guarantee the maximum hygiene.

In order to maintain the minimum contacts between guests, breakfast will be no longer be a buffet but rather ‘tailor made’ according to our guests wishes and served in the breakfast room at the time requested.

In our offices, changing rooms and kitchen, at all times hygienic and social distancing requirements are respected.

Everyday our staff have their temperatures taken before being allowed to begin work and they must provide the necessary documentation that they are in good health.

Once you are in Florence, wrap yourself in the beauty and charm of its magnificent art, wine and food!

We will take care of your health and safety in the hotel!


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